About Artuned




My name is Shruthi Venkatesh and I am an illustrator, storyboard artist, character designer and visualizer.

I thought it would be nice to share my passion and interest in art cause i’m pretty much drawing or painting most of the time, so this blog is like my canvas. I know there are a lot of people who share the same passionĀ as me and hope this blog interests them.A huge animation enthusiast and I love the effect that moving pictures can create. I am quite randomly inspired by anything that happens around me.

As an illustrator and designer, I would love to be of creative service. You can mail me at mailshruthiv@gmail.com

The name artuned is basically what popped into my head first considering you can tune in to art at this blog. It also stands to reason that those withe similar frequencies can interact here. I would love to get feedback and tips for improvement here. I am open to learning and look forward to this experience.

So, do tune in here often:D



One thought on “About Artuned

  1. Asha Ashok says:

    Hey Shruthi,
    I saw all your drawings and sketches and also the way you have written and explained each and every piece is amazing. You have a unique gift both in the art and in the writing departments. So you score both ways! Your titles are also very eye catchy and apt to the subject at hand.
    Hats off and khudos to your eforts and keep them coming.

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