The Empress of Abstract Geometry

The empress of Abstract Geometry

I don’t quite know what to say about this one other than ‘It was random’. I find it extremely difficult to sit still, even if i’m watching television, and I was being forced to attend a lecture about…wait! what was it! umm..well I forgot, anyway doesn’t matter. The point being, it was nagging and seemed more like the usual drill, so i started doodling. I felt I was weirdly attracting attention doing it! So, I looked up and to my surprise saw an invigilating teacher glancing and staring at the book.I slowly closed the book, put away the pencil and looked towards the stage with intense fake interest. Once the event was done, I saw the teacher walk towards me. I thought maybe she was going to lecture me about not paying attention, but she walks up to me and says “It seems nice, but what was it that you were drawing?”. Relieved and clueless I said “The empress of Abstract Geometry”

( Now, that makes no sense, does it?)

The perfect fit


Clothes and textures are quite a challenge and this painting in specific was one of my first attempts so I was quite happy with what I had learnt to do by the end of it. There is a brown tone maintained throughout the picture which gives the picture a very sepia feel. This painting started out as a very experimental attempt. I was in the mood to paint but sadly I was fresh out of watercolour sheets, so I used one that that had been put away because it was old and soiled. As I was halfway through the picture I realized that the paper was just right for this painting filled with browns, it required an earthy background tone. The picture looked rustic and complete in a way I hadn’t expected it to be. Guess sometimes in art you never know what to expect.

Salted Painting

Salted Painting


Painting a picture always involved the use of basic art materials according to me. It was in the first year of college that i realized anything works in art. For instance who knew that salt could be used to paint. Yup ! (another techniques i learnt from Ranjit sir). Painting this picture involved sprinkling a generous amount of salt over the watercolours. Once the salt absorbs water in its area and dries, it can be shaken off. It left the painting with a wonderful snowy texture that seemed very natural. Its amazing what can be done with such a simple technique.

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