Autumn Gust

autumn gust 2 f

HAYAYO MIYAZAKI was and is one of my greatest inspirations to ART.

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I am a huge fan of his work and have always felt that the wind has played a very important role in bringing his work to life. The little details like rustling leaves, the hat that almost flew off or the big ones like the castle in the sky or floating Ponyo, I love them all. His most recent and last work ‘風立ちぬ’ aka (The wind rises) was enveloped in wind. Just watching the trailer gives me Goosebumps every time. A day at Studio Ghibli, would be a dream come true . I would totally not mind standing in a corner and watch them work. Studio_Ghibli_Logo

The word Ghibli is based on the Arabic name for  sirocco, or Mediterranean wind, the idea being the studio would “blow a new wind through the anime industry” and that it did. I feel, weaving natural elements into artwork just brings it that much more closer to the reality of the situation you are trying to express, and that is the reason behind ‘Autumn Gust’.



Here is a slightly different perspective of ‘The festival of lights’.Diwali is almost here and a very common scene during this time, are those little pieces of paper lying on the streets. One of the most popular ones being ‘Laksmi Vedi’.

Before                                         After


A festival dedicated to the goddess and celebrated by blowing up her picture to bits….Ah!!The irony.

In my opinion even a few pretty lights would be sufficient to celebrate the festival, for all the noise and smoke is clearly a question mark to how much more the planet can take.



‘MOM'(Mars Orbiter Mission) made it successfully to Mars and I was feeling great. A new journey, waiting to bring information to light and answers that could set off a chain of events. Space in all its vastness and darkness has always been a mystery and I have always been intrigued by its mysterious nature, so when ‘MOM’ was all over the got me excited.  Though we are still far from understanding space, as long as we have successful missions like this one and all the ones before, we will be learning. For, in the darkness that is space, there is always new light waiting to be found.

Just Chalk


Its been a long time since I picked up a chalk piece to draw. The last time was when I was incharge of maintaining the blackboard in my classroom during middle school. It was a task I loved, every time the bell rang, it was my duty to write the name of the subject on the board. Sometimes I would have a few extra minutes till the teacher entered, that was when I’d doodle subject content next to the Subject name. For example:- Computer Science would be accompanied by a two eyed monitor spurting out codes.  My friends often teased me about how lost in the act I’d get, but an empty blackboard is something I could never ignore.

The Empress of Abstract Geometry

The empress of Abstract Geometry

I don’t quite know what to say about this one other than ‘It was random’. I find it extremely difficult to sit still, even if i’m watching television, and I was being forced to attend a lecture about…wait! what was it! umm..well I forgot, anyway doesn’t matter. The point being, it was nagging and seemed more like the usual drill, so i started doodling. I felt I was weirdly attracting attention doing it! So, I looked up and to my surprise saw an invigilating teacher glancing and staring at the book.I slowly closed the book, put away the pencil and looked towards the stage with intense fake interest. Once the event was done, I saw the teacher walk towards me. I thought maybe she was going to lecture me about not paying attention, but she walks up to me and says “It seems nice, but what was it that you were drawing?”. Relieved and clueless I said “The empress of Abstract Geometry”

( Now, that makes no sense, does it?)

Monsoon Beats


It was pouring cats and dogs in November and I, for some strange reason feel a very strong urge to pick up my pencil, accompanied with a hot cup of tea during times like this. I drank my tea, all the while staring at the empty white sheet of paper in front of me. There was silence all around and all I could hear was the pitter patter of the rain, a melody of its own. Well, we all know the science to how it rains, but sometimes its just much more fun to make up theories. That is how this picture came to be made, plus the fact that I’m into mythology made it mandatory that I put one of the gods up there to beat that taiko drum. I must say, rain, tea and art make a wonderful combination.

Wall Status


Painting on walls has been my hobby since childhood. Things were different back then, My parents feared the sight of a crayon in my hand because I would not just stick to my allotted wall space but decide to randomly streak parts of my home. Well not that they disprove of my artistic interests but Im sure they had their reasons. Though Id love to do the same now, I dont think they fear a paintbrush in my hand, cause its more likely that they would  make space for me to paint and be creative. I have an amazing family and they have been the most encouraging of all my endeavors.
It would be great if I could make a day job out of this. Yeah!! so with that in mind im gonna cover the rest of the 12 ft, Eventually though!

Native Strokes In Need Of Translation

Native strokes in need of translation

Indian is not my usual subject theme, somehow I never took to drawing tribal or folk art-forms, native to India. I was then put in a situation which led to this painting.
I had slogged through 6 months of trying to understand a new language that is Japanese. As interesting and artistic as it was, it was a bumpy ride, and my partial success in getting a basic hang of the language is because of Saeko Miyasaki, my ‘Sensei'(teacher). Considering classes were coming to an end, I felt like giving her something as a token of my gratitude for having taught impossible students such as me.
I felt it would be best to give her something that was unique. That is when I realized my best option was Indian art, it was native, hand drawn and she could carry it back to Japan as a souvenir. So after a lot of research I finished this picture.
It was during this research that I felt I had been ignoring an artform that deserves so much more attention. There is a method to those inprpotionate figures in madhubani and such precision to geometry in warli art. There are multiple art-forms like gond, pichwai, phad etc, that we are unaware of and I’m thinking its about time they were brought to the limelight.