The Empress of Abstract Geometry

The empress of Abstract Geometry

I don’t quite know what to say about this one other than ‘It was random’. I find it extremely difficult to sit still, even if i’m watching television, and I was being forced to attend a lecture about…wait! what was it! umm..well I forgot, anyway doesn’t matter. The point being, it was nagging and seemed more like the usual drill, so i started doodling. I felt I was weirdly attracting attention doing it! So, I looked up and to my surprise saw an invigilating teacher glancing and staring at the book.I slowly closed the book, put away the pencil and looked towards the stage with intense fake interest. Once the event was done, I saw the teacher walk towards me. I thought maybe she was going to lecture me about not paying attention, but she walks up to me and says “It seems nice, but what was it that you were drawing?”. Relieved and clueless I said “The empress of Abstract Geometry”

( Now, that makes no sense, does it?)


PAPER- Not quite the prefix one would associate with the word MAN, but it was the perfect choice.
I had watched this short film quite some time ago and it was always there at the back of my mind. Recently I had to do a Short film review and thats when my mind started jumping with excitement ..I had the perfect film to talk about.

Paperman is a 2012 black and white animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It won the Best Animation Short Film at the 2013 Oscar Awards. The story is about a young office worker whose paper planes help him connect with a girl in an unexpected manner. It was directed by John Kahrs. The story is set in the mid 20th century.
What makes this short film special for me is that the technology used combines Computer Graphics with hand drawn line work, using a software called Meander.
This technique gives the film a very classic feel and a freshness in visual storytelling. Its a first time in animation, so hopefully there will be many more films to come that use this technique. The Background music is just right, accompanied by natural sounds that make the whole setting realistic, specially the part when the papers are folded and creased to make the planes. What a paper does (convey or preserve) these paper planes do in an unconventional manner.

The black and white was a wonderful way to set the scene for the story, thus making this animated short film a perfect blend of story, technique,look and art. As short as this film was, it was clearly the best 6 and a half minutes of my day.