Autumn Gust

autumn gust 2 f

HAYAYO MIYAZAKI was and is one of my greatest inspirations to ART.

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I am a huge fan of his work and have always felt that the wind has played a very important role in bringing his work to life. The little details like rustling leaves, the hat that almost flew off or the big ones like the castle in the sky or floating Ponyo, I love them all. His most recent and last work ‘風立ちぬ’ aka (The wind rises) was enveloped in wind. Just watching the trailer gives me Goosebumps every time. A day at Studio Ghibli, would be a dream come true . I would totally not mind standing in a corner and watch them work. Studio_Ghibli_Logo

The word Ghibli is based on the Arabic name for  sirocco, or Mediterranean wind, the idea being the studio would “blow a new wind through the anime industry” and that it did. I feel, weaving natural elements into artwork just brings it that much more closer to the reality of the situation you are trying to express, and that is the reason behind ‘Autumn Gust’.

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