Kitsune Dreams

Kitsune Dreams

It was a sunny day and the earth was blistering hot, despite the shade from all the pine trees. It was little Toros first summer and somehow, Toro did not like this season. He had just walked out of the nearest spring because the elephants had decided to have a picnic there. You see, Toro was born in winter, when the land was covered in a sheet of ice. When he had first opened his tiny eyes, he could see pretty white spots falling from the sky. He instantly fell in love with their shapes and the tickling sensation he felt when it landed on his nose. It was a season that he loved because, every time he pushed aside some snow a little flower would spring out of the rubble, it was like finding treasure. It was indeed cold but all he felt was the tender warmth of his mothers cuddles.
He wanted it to snow again. He walked aimlessly looking for shade and that was when he saw it. It was humongous and curved, and was placed in the middle of the forest. As he walked closer to it, he saw that it was filled with snow. He was overjoyed. Toro jumped into the bowl.
This snow felt different it was not cool, watery, or hard. It was very soft and fluffy but it tickled him all the same. Before he realized it Toro was drifting to sleep, it was too comforting and he had no time to wonder how the snow bowl got to the forest.
Riko was around seven years old, She was hand picking white cotton fluffs from the pod and collecting them in her basket. Now that her hands were full, she walked towards her basket to put them in. As she got closer to the basket she was surprised to see a sleeping animal in her basket. Her eyes widened in wonder, it was the cutest animal she had ever seen. Riko did not want to disturb the little creature so she silently tucked some cotton over it like a blanket.

With one last glance at her new friend she silently walked back from the basket and continued her search for more cotton, letting the little Kitsune Dream.
*Kitsune- Refers to a fox from Japanese folklore often characterized as naughty, wise and loyal.

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