Native Strokes In Need Of Translation

Native strokes in need of translation

Indian is not my usual subject theme, somehow I never took to drawing tribal or folk art-forms, native to India. I was then put in a situation which led to this painting.
I had slogged through 6 months of trying to understand a new language that is Japanese. As interesting and artistic as it was, it was a bumpy ride, and my partial success in getting a basic hang of the language is because of Saeko Miyasaki, my ‘Sensei'(teacher). Considering classes were coming to an end, I felt like giving her something as a token of my gratitude for having taught impossible students such as me.
I felt it would be best to give her something that was unique. That is when I realized my best option was Indian art, it was native, hand drawn and she could carry it back to Japan as a souvenir. So after a lot of research I finished this picture.
It was during this research that I felt I had been ignoring an artform that deserves so much more attention. There is a method to those inprpotionate figures in madhubani and such precision to geometry in warli art. There are multiple art-forms like gond, pichwai, phad etc, that we are unaware of and I’m thinking its about time they were brought to the limelight.

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