The phoenix has always been one of the most amazing mythical creatures, so much so, that there’s even a proverb about it. A phoenix lives a long life and when it nears its end it crumples into ashes and from the very ashes is reborn the next phoenix. Hence the proverb ’Rise like a phoenix from the ashes’. This bird is associated with the sun and therefore coloured in shades of fire. The stories revolving around this bird are many and hence makes the process of drawing it very interesting allowing so much scope to exaggerate. I tried a new shading technique with this picture for the wing portions, sort of making it look like its aflame and thought it worked well. The beauty of the bird lies in its wings so the soaring motion brings out that feature nicely. I used 2B and 4B shading pencils to shade.

Greek mythology has the most interesting tales and characters ever! And I guess that’s the reason artists, writers and film makers love them.

Till my next,


2 thoughts on “PHOENIX AND GREEK

  1. K.Venkatesh says:

    It has come out very well. And I like this quote “Rise like a phoenix from the ashes”. Many times we use this quote to fire up people to achieve.

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