Hi guys,

Pastel colours are in trend now with bright shades of oranges, blues, reds and hot pinks all around us. So I was in the mood to do something using my oil pastels, something bright and urban.
Once I had made up my mind to use the pastels I had to think of what I could do. I was looking aimlessly around for some object to spark an idea. This concept works most of the time, but the only minus being the others around you think you’ve gone bonkers. That can be overlooked though, I mean why should we let others bother our artistic endeavors right? So, this orange car wash cloth caught my eye and I liked the idea of the colour as a stylish head wear.( Probably cause I saw ‘The lorax’ and loved the thneed song). So I looked up some references and sketched this picture. I had been long since I used the pastels so I had a great time smudging them. The drawing and colouring itself did not take as much time as deciding what to do.

The log
I used pencils to draw. A black marker to colour the face and oil pastel crayons to add colour and a rolled up piece of paper to smudge. Orange stands out well on the dark skin shade.

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