This was one of my very first attempts using Indian ink. I was actually guided by a friend to do this. Considering the ink is called ‘Indian’ it felt right using it to create an artwork true to its name.
The how story
I had a tuff time painting this because the ink had its own mind while flowing and my inexperience with it just added to the mess. I wasted about 2 sheets of my drawing efforts to the cruel, black ink.
Having decided it was time to fight back, I pulled out my weapon of mass destruction ‘THE 000 BRUSH’. The ink was finally under my command as I used it to fill nooks, corners and the most feared outlines. It took me double the time owing to the size of the brush but it was still worth the effort and it was a fun filled experience for me as I conquered the terrain of fluid back ink.

I used an A3 size paper, pencil to sketch the design and black Indian ink to fill it in. You eventually get used to the flow of ink. Only the first time requires patience.

Till my next

2 thoughts on “INKED

  1. Nithin says:

    Nice work.
    You can use this type of work to create gobos…and if you create something that i can use, i will buy it off you! 🙂

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