The conscience

The conscience

CONCEPT: The concept behind this is basically that we make decisions (right or wrong) based on the force of our conscience.

The How Story.

It was the season of college culturals and i was at one fun filled cultural event at a nearby college. I was watching the films made by some short film contestants and one in particular inspired me to draw this. The story was about how a guy finds a wallet filled with cash, and decides to pocket it but on overhearing that the money was to be paid for a medical emergency, he feels bad and returns it to the owner. It was quite a simple story but i was really struck by how there is always a balance to our conscience and that we need to choose the right option. So I came back home and painted this to sort of capture that thought and remember it by. The hand here is us, as we choose by the sword to make our choice.

I used water colours here and a marker to outline.I felt the colours would bring about a vibrancy to the picture.
One tiny problem I faced was the pencil marks as I drew them out a little too hard. since then I have made sure to draw lightly which is much easier to erase.

Till my next

10 thoughts on “The conscience

  1. Nithin says:

    Nice output of an ever-green concept!
    You do know that yin and yang are complimentary forces, not opposing ones, right?! 😉

    Nevertheless, i like the message thru your art.

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